Saturday, September 1, 2012

To-Do Lists and Other Obstacles...

Seattle, Washington

In order to do to this...
(Sunday, August 26, 2012) So the packing continues; and so do the boat projects.  Richard is at the boat right now, hopefully, finalizing the watermaker install.  I'm at home entertaining potential renters and trying to get the last bits of packing done in addition to doing touch up painting and general cleaning. We are hoping to be out of the house by this Wednesday and living on the boat.  We would rather have a few days on the boat to get settled and then take off rather than move onto the boat and then leave for a week long sail down to San Francisco the very next day. That said, we have to be flexible and willing to alter our plans as projects get completed and, more importantly, when we feel the boat is ready for a departure. have to get through the To-Do Lists.
To all the viewers out there, heed this message:  GET RID OF STUFF NOW!  Packing has got to be one of the most onerous tasks on the planet (save all the really tough stuff like brain surgery, saving the planet and stuff like that).  I am not one to hold onto many things.  Yes, I have a few things that I cannot let go of, but for the most part, if I haven't worn/used something in years, my opinion is that there is no need to hold onto it.  Besides, there are Goodwills everywhere that will take your stuff and then someone who wants and will use your stuff can take possession of it.  Having spent that last few weeks up to my eyes in bubble wrap, boxes and strapping tape, I think I am at liberty to make this pronouncement.  I'll step down from my soapbox now.

Richard wondering if anything else will fit in the storage unit.
(Wednesday, August 29, 2012) Okay, so Wednesday is almost over and we are still in the house. There was a lot more packing than anyone could have imagined and only today did we move the last of the big furniture out of the house. But there is still stuff that needs to be packed and moved into storage; not to mention the massive cleaning job that needs to get done (but when?!).  Needless to say, we are exhausted! And there are still countless rooms that require either touch up paint or full on re-painting. Realistically, we are setting the goal of moving onto the boat over the weekend or early part of next week based on how quickly house projects get completed.  

Hmm...looks tight.
My friend Kathy (of s/v Rhythm) came to the house yesterday so the two of us could go out to lunch.  She took one look at the house and promptly reported to Tim, her fiancee, "Those guys are crazy if they think they are going to be out of the house by the 1st!"  Well, as you all can see, Kathy is pretty perceptive!  Our bad luck ends up being their good luck as it pushes our departure date out a bit, which just happens to be closer to their departure date.  Kathy and I are very excited about "buddy boating" down the coast if the opportunity arises; and by the looks of things, it just may turn out that way.

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  1. Unfortunately I have found the process of dealing with stuff does not end once you're on the boat. The bright side is that at least it is less stuff... ;)