Saturday, September 22, 2012

Finally! Motoring out of Seattle...Day 1

10 September 2012
Port Townsend, Washington

Moments from sailing, okay, motoring, away.
Well, we did it…we tossed off the docklines this morning and motored out of the marina to begin our grand voyage!  Our friend Michael came down to the dock to see us off and helped us get ready for the much anticipated (and hugely overdue!) departure.  As we left Seattle (and Michael on the dock) behind us, Richard and I both realized that this was it, we were actually doing this thing we have been talking about for who knows how long.  Big deep breaths…

Day 1 Happy Hour on Osprey: (l-r) Aaron, Richard, Kathy, Tim and me.
The crew of Rhythm was hanging out on their deck waving us in as we pulled into the public marina in Port Townsend. We tied up alongside Rhythm and made arrangements for a happy hour on our boat.  Aaron, from Rhythm, brought out some scotch and the six of us toasted ourselves for making the first leg of our voyages.

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