Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ducking into Newport, Oregon

16-18 September 2012
Newport Bay Marina

Approaching the Newport Bay Bridge.
We decided to pull into Newport Bay last night as the combination of wind waves and ocean swell was making for a very rocky passage.  Richard and Tim, from Rhythm, communicated via VHF radio and made the call in the early morning.  I think the crews from both boats were happy to hear that we were pulling into Newport for at least a couple of days.

The Newport Sea Lion Ensemble between sets.

Richard and I tied up at Newport Bay Marina in the early afternoon; Rhythm having pulled into the marina a bit before us.  Aaron and I walked over to the touristy part of Old Newport in hopes of finding a decent grocery store but all that could be found was a small market with high prices.  I decided to take my grocery list into town the next day.  We did get the opportunity to attend the daily sea lion concert which was nothing short of musical.  

Stacey, me, Kathy, Tim and Richard at the Rogue Brewery.
We met Kathy, Tim, Stacey and Aaron from Rhythm, at the Rogue Brew Pub which was conveniently located just a short five minute walk from the marina.  We were so tired and our bodies were still rocking from being at sea for the past two and one half days that the burgers were ravenously consumed and the beers went down easily.  I don’t think anyone was up late that night.

The next day I walked into town to run errands with a stop at the local Fred Meyers high on my to do list.  Little did I know that the walk to the Fred Meyers and the other small errands I had would take nearly five hours!  Needless to say I was exhausted from the walk plus schlepping our groceries back to the boat.  But the chores for the day didn’t end there!  I still had to do laundry and get dinner going.  Richard was still working on getting his cabin organized so that he could actually sleep in it while we were in port.  He also installed the new boat radio that will allow us to hook up both our iPods and iTouch.

After dinner, I met Stacey and Aaron at the Rogue Brew Pub for a beer.  As we sat at the bar we talked about our respective experiences on the overnight passage we had just completed and discussed what the next overnight passage might entail.  It was another relatively early night for all of us.

Me and many kegs, so little time.
Tuesday found us completing boat chores and getting ready for the offshore passage down to Bodega Bay and San Francisco.  I worked on prepping meals that would be quick and hot for dinners, while Richard worked on his cabin and plotting the next leg of our passage.  In the afternoon, Stacey and I took the Rogue Brewery Tour.  Did you know that Rogue Brewery distributes in all 50 states and 37 countries worldwide?  Well, now you do.  Stacey and I worked on a sampler of beer and decided that Chipotle and Smoke beers were not our favorites (though we both admitted wanting to try the maple bacon flavored beer). 

After Richard got back from a trek across the bridge into town for a quick look around (and an ice cream cone) he did some baking in the afternoon so we now have fresh bread and breakfast bread on the boat.  Richard and Tim got together to discuss waypoints and a course has been plotted and a departure time set so I guess we are ready to go.


  1. You are making me feel like such an armchair sailor... Keep up the posts, they are going to be my therapy this winter!

    1. Will do. Hope your plans include some spectacular Alaskan winter sports! Take care.