Monday, September 24, 2012

Random Pics

24 September 2012
Eureka, California

In this age of digital photography there is no reason not to take a million pictures hoping that you capture something of value.  That said, I always carry my point-n-shoot camera with me everywhere I go.  When you carry a camera with you all the time, you never know what you're going to see and then photograph.  Sometimes you see something breathtaking; and other times you just see some weird stuff.  But not all of the pictures I take lend themselves to a narrative and so they never find their way into my posts.  I decided that those pics should have their day in the sun, or at least make their way onto my blog.  With that introduction, I am pleased to announce the first post of what will become an ongoing occurrence...Random Pics.  I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I do.  I somehow feel as though these pictures help fill in the experiences I am having on this incredible journey.  Enjoy!

Dinner with Michael the night before our departure.
The Main Cabin (what you don't see is the total mess behind the photographer).
Leaving Seattle behind us.
Neah Bay, WA: There was a sign above this one about unattended children.
Neah Bay, WA: Hobbit-Boat or Aqua-Yurt?  You decide.
Neah Bay, WA: A steal at $1500!
Oregon Coast, Offshore: Richard, tired and cold.
Newport Bay, OR: Breakwater at the marina.
Newport, OR: I'm sure we fit in some where.
Newport, OR: Rogue Brewery tour safety goggles.  The pink bottles behind me are maple-bacon flavored beer. Yum!
Central Oregon Coast, Offshore: Osprey's zen-like bow wake.


  1. So, I am going to accuse you of photo-shopping the cabin photo, because there is no way it can look that tidy.
    I think I'd rather be riff raff than a dingbat (and I'm not a wino, yet...).
    And the last photo of the wave is really striking! I could happily meditate on that for a long time.
    Looks like you are having a grand time!

    1. Like I said in the caption, you can't see what's behind (and around, above, below, etc.) me! Riff Raff does have a certain appeal. The water was so placid on our passage from Newport to Eureka that it seemed surreal. Osprey was gliding along and her bow wake just made for fascinating photos. Hope all is well in Alaska and remember, no sneezing tomorrow! HA!