Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Eureka, California...Day 15

19-25 September 2012
Eureka, CA

Carson Mansion, Eureka.
Eureka, California is located in Humboldt County and situated about 270 miles north of San Francisco as the seagull flies. The first non-natives to visit Humboldt Bay were a sea otter hunting party from Alaska in 1806. Eureka itself was founded in 1860 and is known for its Victorian-era architecture. Humboldt County has a thriving "horticultural" industry, made famous by mentions in the Showtime hit series Weeds.  Humboldt County also appears to be the seat of the NorCal movement as evidenced by the plethora of tattoo parlors, "glass" shops and bikers seen around town.
Another example of the Victorian-era architecture in Eureka.

Our time in Eureka ended up being slightly longer than we had anticipated or wanted.  The weather forecasts initially indicated that we might be able to leave by September 24th but subsequent updates to the forecasts showed increasing waves and swells which would have made trying to cross the bar dicey at best.  So that put us out to September 26th and with our fingers crossed we finalized plans to leave.  Fuel was obtained, provisions procured and laundry done.  Richard is putting the coordinates for our route south to Bodega Bay into the chartplotter and I'll finish prepping hot meals for the overnight crossings this afternoon.  We expect to motor out of the channel some time around 10:00 am Wednesday, September 26th.  Wish us luck!

Richard with the lion's share of dessert.
Last night Richard and I ate at The Banana Hut Hawaiian BBQ Restaurant in Eureka and it did not fail to please.  The kalua pig dinner was just like the plate lunches I had in Hawai'i and if you know anything about Richard, you know how he likes his poi (which he ordered as a side).  We finished our meal with a monstrosity of a fried banana, fudge brownie, ice cream, whipped cream and a vat of chocolate sauce whatchamacallit.  The thing was dripping with chocolate sauce and the plate it was served on was floating with more chocolate sauce. Now mind you, I'm not complaining, but I called it quits early on and let Richard have at it.

We got news from our friends on Rhythm that their crew is down to three.  Kathy, Tim and Stacey are having a grand time in the Noyo Basin and have plans to head south to Bodega Bay on Thursday.  That should allow for us to rendezvous in Bodega Bay and make plans for the cruise down to San Francisco.  It sure would be nice to be able to see Osprey and Rhythm sail under the Golden Gate Bridge together; not to mention the fantastic photo opportunity that would provide for each of us to get pictures of the other's boat passing under the bridge.  Initial plans include a stopover in Sausalito, possibly picking up a mooring ball at Angel Island and then a few days in the city.  Stay tuned!

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