Monday, July 12, 2010

June 28, 2010, 21:00 PDT

N 33°12.189’, W 139°36.275’

This may have to be a quick blog entry as there appears to be squall heading our way and I’m currently sitting in the cockpit on my 21:00-00:00 watch. Today was an incredible day! It started off with Richard waking me for my 09:00-12:00 watch and informing me that we had a visitor. Now visitor typically means a cargo ship on radar off in the distance, but this morning, “visitor” meant another moth clinging to the dodger! Where are these moths coming from?! Do they not realize that we are over 400 miles from shore? This is just crazy insect weirdness if you ask me. My question is whether this is the same moth that we saw the other day or is this a new moth? I guess we’ll never know as it took off but not until we had photographed the hell out it.

In addition to our visitor, the temperature in the cockpit got to be 89 degrees. It was actually blistering and we both donned shorts and hung out in the cockpit all afternoon. I kept hoping for a rain shower so that I could take a fresh water “shower” but it never materialized. In fact, the sky was absolutely devoid of clouds for the most part and it was only in the late afternoon that we noticed a very different type of cloud formation on the horizon. We are currently researching what these new clouds mean and will report as soon as we know something more definitive.

That squall looks like it’s almost here; gotta type faster.

After dinner, Richard was in the cockpit and I was below trying to nap for my first evening watch when Richard came below and said, “I just saw flying fish!” I leaped out of the bunk and scrambled up into the cockpit in time to see two flying fish flying over the calm water. It was amazing. They have two sets of fins/wings that allow them to glide over the water and not for just a few feet. We’re talking 20-30 feet at least. I have a book on fishing while cruising and the author states that flying fish, pan-fried whole, make an excellent breakfast accompanied by scrambled eggs. I’ve also read that you can wake up in the morning and find flying fish on the deck of the boat. Apparently, flying fish are good flyers but not so good in the navigation department or at least at avoiding things.

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