Sunday, July 18, 2010

July 17, 2010, 19:50 HST

N 21°05.01’, W 157°01.71’
Three islands, One entry…Part I

Our last night in Radio Bay, Hilo was spent first on S/V Mist with Susan and Elba and another couple from Vancouver, BC from S/V Reflections I. The Canadians were taking off from Radio Bay for Maui late that evening so we all met on Susan and Elba’s boat for cocktails.

After they left, Susan, Elba, Richard and I rowed back to our boat for some mahi mahi tacos. Elba and Susan make a mean guacamole which complimented the tacos wonderfully. It was kind of a late night and spirits were high by the time the party broke up and everyone returned to his and her respective boats

The next day, July 14th, Richard and I raised the anchor and headed out of Radio Bay on our way to Maui. Richard and Susan made arrangements to have an SSB date later in the day so we could test the transmitting ability of our single side-band radio. It was a 27 hour overnight passage to Maui.

Happy Bastille Day to all who remembered!

More to's late and I'm tired...zzzzzzz...

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