Monday, July 12, 2010

June 16, 2010, 14:45 PDT

N 48°22.088’, W 124°36.665’

The ride from Port Angeles to Neah Bay on June 15th, was significantly more comfortable than the ride from Anacortes to Port Angeles a few days ago. We ended up motoring the entire way (we had winds directly on our nose) as we made our way west in the Strait of Juan de Fuca. We were, however, prepared for the worst as we each took some scopace with breakfast (just in case). We clearly didn’t need it or maybe we did and it really worked, who knows (who cares, I didn’t toss lunch!).

After getting a slip in Neah Bay at Big Salmon Marina, we settled in to make dinner but were interrupted by the howling of a sea lion that had hoisted itself up onto the dock and was singing for his supper. Not exactly Caruso. We also saw several eagles perched on masts.

In the morning, I headed to the general store to stock up on fishing tackle, which I will no doubt contribute to the sea floor in no time. It pays to have plenty on hand when you know that the bulk of what you will catch are snags on the bottom and not fish. We also Skyped with my parents who just celebrated their 47th wedding anniversary yesterday.

Before lunch we headed to the Makah Culture and Research Center Museum, which features artifacts from the Ozette archeological dig site. The site was buried in a mudslide many years ago (a la Pompeii) and then uncovered in the 1970s by winter storms battering the coast. Definitely a must see if you’re ever in Neah Bay.

Spent the afternoon doing small boat projects and planning stowage for our sea bags for once we get offshore. Richard made bread.

This will be the last opportunity for us to post pictures to the blog as we will be leaving Neah Bay tomorrow morning and heading south into the Pacific to Hawai'i. We’ll continue to post blog entries en route and then upload pictures once we make landfall in Hilo.

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