Sunday, July 18, 2010

July 12, 2010, 21:30 HST

N 19°43.915’, W 155°03.149’

Orthopedic Surgeons & New Friends

I met with the orthopedic surgeon today and he confirmed that I had indeed broken my foot. We discussed the various options available to me and decided that, given all of the practical limitations associated with being on a boat, if I wore hiking boots or at least some kind of shoe that provided ankle support, I would be fine. At this point, I have about 5 more weeks and my foot should be healed. My ability to use my foot without pain will be the determining factor as to when it is completely healed.

After my doctor’s appointment, Richard and I went to a natural food store, Island Naturals, and bought some groceries. We also stopped at Suisan, the local fish market where they used to conduct fish auctions, and purchased some fresh ono and mahi mahi.

We ended up getting together with Susan and Elba from S/V Mist, starting out with beers in the cockpit and then heading over to Café Pesto in Hilo for dinner. It was great to get together with other sailors and talk cruising. Susan and Elba have done a fair amount of cruising and Richard and I took advantage of the opportunity to tap into their collective experience. Hearing them talk about the far-away places that I’ve dreamed about and they’ve been to, made me want to get going on our own adventure as soon as possible. But I guess we have to take this one step at a time, especially with this broken foot of mine.

Shout out to Susan and Elba of S/V Mist; thanks for the company tonight, let’s do it again this summer somewhere in Hawai’i!

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