Friday, May 2, 2014

How Late is REALLY Late?

I Skyped with my Mom today and promised her that I would post an update telling everyone why this site has been so quiet of late.  I am currently in Australia, though I leave tomorrow for Auckland where I will be spending the next three weeks getting ready to fly back to the States.  I will arrive in New Hampshire and spend the month of June with my Mom and Dad and youngest brother, Gary, and his family before flying west to visit with my middle brother, Gregg, and his family.  

I promise to continue my blog once I arrive in New Hampshire as I will have plenty of time to sit down and reflect on the trip.  In the meantime, if you haven't already, check out Richard's blog, Adventures Aboard Osprey.  He has captured Osprey's final days in New Zealand and her preparation and journey back to the Pacific Northwest wonderfully.  Also, his synopsis of what it is like to "end" a journey is quite beautiful.  I will be at a lack of words to describe any better the past 20 months that have comprised this journey.

But stick with me and I promise to bring everyone up to date.  Thanks for your kind words over the past 20 months and well wishes.

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