Friday, October 5, 2012

Sausalito, California...Day 25

Greeted by fog while leaving Drake's Bay.
When we woke we were surrounded by thick fog.  Not only that, but our anchors had accumulated a massive amount of seaweed and it took quite a bit of time to free the anchor chain from the choke-hold the aquatic vegetation had imposed.  Once under way, even though Rhythm was motoring along close to Osprey, at times we couldn't even see each other's boat as the fog was relentless.  

Osprey approaching the Golden Gate Bridge.
We motored the entire way and once we hit the entrance to San Francisco Bay we were greeted with clear blue skies and NO FOG!  Our prayers had been answered and as we motored under the Golden Gate Bridge everyone had his or her camera out and hundreds of pictures were taken.  This was, after all, a rite of passage and it required extensive documentation.  The benefit of having a buddy boat is that we could take pictures of Rhythm as she passed under the bridge and the crew of Rhythm could take pictures of Osprey as she passed under.  This is pretty much the only way you can get a picture of your own boat under way and we were all more than happy to take pictures on behalf of the each other.

Osprey passing under the Golden Gate Bridge.
As Richard and I passed under the Golden Gate Bridge, I felt exhilarated, excited, accomplished.  We had set out on this incredible journey and this was one of the milestones we had envisioned so many years ago when we started planning this trip.  It was truly joyful for me and the added blessing of clear skies and no fog (thanks Mom!) just added to my experience.  

Stacey with Osprey and the Golden Gate Bridge in background.
The closer we got to Sausalito, the warmer it got.  By the time we reached the Clipper Yacht Harbor Marina, we had stripped out of our foul weather gear and were definitely appreciating the warmth that surrounded us. Rhythm got in before us and motioned us over to the fuel dock where we both topped off the fuel tanks and then headed to our slips.  

As Kathy said, "Champagne for everyone!"
I had texted Kathy and told her that as soon as they were settled in that the entire crew should join Richard and I on Osprey for a well deserved glass of champagne (thanks Gary!) to commemorate this auspicious occasion.  Once the glasses were filled, we all raised our glasses and congratulated ourselves on having just sailed under the Golden Gate Bridge and making it this far on our respective journeys. 

Peanut, the trustworthy and salty mascot of Rhythm.
Even Peanut, Kathy and Tim's canine crew member (geriatric, blind in one eye, deaf and no teeth), joined in on the celebrating (he passed on the champagne).  There really is no doubt that Peanut belongs on this journey.  We all refer to him as the "old man" and he takes it in stride.  

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